Main 7 Reason Of Jabong Popularity


The concept of e-commerce is still at a tender stage in India. While in many developed nations e-commerce today has become a major driving force in the market, it is yet to create such huge impact in the Indian market. Still it can be said that online shopping has gained huge popularity in the last few years. There has been a revolution in the segment and today a large population is inclined towards getting their product from the online stores. 

There have been many websites coming up in the recent years which are providing excellent deals and features to the online shoppers. Jabong is one of the most popular ones among these. This online is one stop shop for all online shoppers who are looking fashionable items at affordable prices under one roof.

They provides all the major shopping categories including apparels, shoes and many accessories. Of course, one of the pioneers in the segment is flipkart, which actually set the bar when it came to customer service, by their transparent system and superfast delivery, within 48 hours. Before flipkart this was something that was completely unheard of. But as Jabong came into the market, they simply stormed it within a matter of 6-8 months. The online lifestyle store awed the customers. If you are in a city like Delhi, you might be getting the product delivered on the same you place the order. There are many reasons associated behind the success story of Jabong.

Fast and efficient delivery system – The superfast delivery system actually tested the 48hours deadline set by flipkart. They bettered it and made it less than 24 hours in cities like Delhi. Surely something to boast about.

Perfect products – The products delivered are in most cases just as the person ordered. Even in case of shoes, unless one makes a mistake of ordering a wrong size, one can rest assured that the product will be perfect fit.
Free return policy – Even if one makes a mistake and orders the wrong pair of shoes or there is any problem with the product delivered, one can simply use the free return policy to get a new perfect piece exchanged with the defective one.
Low price – India is a nation where most are price sensitive. Jabong provided great discounts on the lifestyle products and brought to the customers the products at an amazingly low price.
Wide variety of products – Jabong stores a huge range of lifestyle products and a wide variety of collection. There are seldom people who have to return from the site without finding what one is looking for.

Jabong Coupons – Jabong coupons are a great way to save a few bucks on the total transaction. These coupons provide some extra discount on the total purchase or some frills over the transaction. These coupons have become immensely popular among the online shoppers and are among the primary reasons behind the success story.

Large Options of Payment – The various payment gateways available has played an important role in roping in large number of new customers. Among the many options, the remarkable one is the cash on delivery. Those apprehensive of paying online started using this option as a mode of payment and thus there has been a stark rise in the number of customers.
Along with the rise in these online shopping portals, there has been a rise in the number of cash back websites. One of the most prominent one is cashkaro.