How to Look Fashionable in Urban Clothing

 Fashionable Urban Clothing

Urban clothing is one of the biggest sectors of the industry today. Not only is it worn by millions of people around the world, urban clothing also informs a wide variety of other ideas. Go into any designer or contemporary fashion store, and the urban influence is plain to see. Whether it is oversized clothes trends or vivid colour contrasts, many clothes now carry the urban style vibe without being a 100% piece of street wear.

The rise of urban clothing, and the influence it has elsewhere, has inspired many to want to check it out for themselves. While many people turn their attentions to urban fashion and manage to look brilliant, others struggle to pull it off.
How can you ensure you look fashionable and on trend when wearing urban clothing, and who are the celebrity inspirations to whom you can turn?
Know Your Colours
Most of us are aware of the things that make us look good and feel confident. If you decide to start wearing urban clothing, you should stick to what you know already makes you look amazing. Changing your style doesn’t mean forgetting the things that make you look great. Instead, stick to what you know, but embrace urban clothing by changing the cut of the clothes you wear.
Ladies can take great inspiration from someone like Cheryl Cole, who looks great wearing a designer dress on the red carpet, but when you see her rocking a baggy vest, jeans, and urban boots or trainers, she looks just as good.
Finding the Cut for You
One of the unique aspects of urban clothing is that it tends to be a case of one or the other when it comes to the cut. Super skinny styles or over the top baggy are the usual two choices, leaving you to choose which one you want to use.
Body shape will come into the equation at some point; you don’t want to stick to skinny styles if you’re already super slim, but at the same time if you have an athletic physique you might not want to cover it up too much with baggier items if you’re looking to enhance desirable curves!
For men, music star TinieTempah is the perfect example of someone who is able to mix up how he wears his cuts. Granted, the ripped body certainly helps, but he always looks great whether he’s going for the close cut urban look or combining skinny and baggy elements within his get up; a baggy t-shirt with skinny jeans and boots or street trainers is his trademark.
Knowing Your Brands
No one likes to look like a walking billboard, but a huge part of urban clothing is the wide variety of brands you can use to build your look. One of the consequences of urban fashion’s growth recently is that everyone is getting in on the act. Iconic brands like Adidas and have gone far beyond just having urban influences; they’re now producing designs that are 100% urban and are often brilliant to wear with long-term urban brands like Vans footwearand New Era.
One only has to look at the range of celebrities who wear and promote Adidas; David Beckham originally had a deal for Adidas football boots, but can now be seen wearing their urban styles on a regular basis, while it is a popular brand throughout the hip hop music community.
Non-mainstream brands are also essential for a great urban look, if you haven’t discovered an underground or emerging label for yourself, then you’ll never be able to say you’re a fashionable wearer of urban street style. Put all this together and you’re guaranteed to build the look you want; you’ll quickly realise an inspirational urban look isn’t all that difficult to create.
Author Bio:  Jon is a lover of urban fashion and is passionate about keeping up with the latest industry trends. Jon’s friends regularly seek him out for fashion advice as they look to replicate the authentic urban look he has created for himself.