5 Steps on How to Choose the Right Summer Clothing

Choosing the right clothes to wear during the summer is important because they will keep you comfortable. Since the heat of the sun intensifies during the summer season, it is not wise to wear heavy clothes. You should switch to light clothes with lighter colors. Work wear for summer includes several clothing items like formal pants, tops, shirts and shorts. Knowing how to choose clothes that will keep you comfortable during the summer season is important. The following are 5 steps on how to choose the right summer clothing.
Select the right fabrics
Selecting the right fabric is the first thing you should do when choosing summer wear. For office wear, choose breathable and lighter fabrics like silk, linen and cotton. You can also opt for synthetic fabrics that are designed to absorb moisture from the body. For summer exercise clothes, look for clothing that has ventilation features like small slits or mesh designed into the fabric, moisture winking materials and ultra-lightweight fabric. For undergarments, cotton is the most suitable fabric.
Select the right fit
Avoid buying clothes that cling to your body. Such clothes will not allow your skin to breathe and can make you feel too hot in intense summer heat. Clothes that fit loosely are ideal to wear during the summer because they allow air to circulate between your body and the fabric. It is also important choose clothing that complements your body shape. If you are a woman who has an hour glass figure, you can opt for shift dresses. However, you should avoid flimsy silk or cotton to ensure that the shift dresses will not cling to your curves. Look for dresses that skim your body outline.
Select the right colors
Colors are a prominent feature particularly when it comes to work clothes. Traditional office colors include black, grey, dark red and navy. Nevertheless, dark colored clothing such as black and navy clothing is not ideal for summer because dark colors absorb heat. You should therefore opt for lighter colors such as soft blue, lilac, ice blue, pink, ivory and different shades of grey and white when shopping for summer clothing. Lighter colored clothes will make you feel cooler during the summer.
Select short sleeved clothing
During the summer, you can be more comfortable if you wear clothing that does not cover your entire arms or legs. You should avoid wearing long sleeved shirts. Choose short sleeved or sleeveless shirts or blouses and shorts instead of trousers. These clothes will allow your skin to breathe and air to circulate all over your body.
Select clothes that allow you to accessorize
Your summer clothing should embrace and complement your style. Clothes that overwhelm and leave very little or no room to accessorize can make you feel stifled. Therefore, you should choose clothes that enable you to wear accessories like necklaces.
Shopping for summer clothing can be easier if you consider the factors mentioned above. To have a summer wardrobe that is well rounded, you should buy enough shorts, lightweight trousers and Capri pants. For shoes, you should choose breathable athletic shoes for walking or working out, light colored pumps for work and coordinating sandals for casual wear.
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