Summer office fashion: The Do’s and Don’ts


Regardless of the workplace culture, your office outfit should reflect your personality and style quotient. Whether you are working in the most casual of start-ups or in an office where conventional styling takes an upper hand, choosing the right attire is a tricky affair. This becomes even more difficult during the hot and humid season. This is the time when style and comfort go hand-in-hand. The enticing styles of the business women ruling the world can help you redefine your formal fashion quotient Are you looking to satisfy both sides, the weather and your personal style? Is this season confusing for you? For all the working ladies out there, the blog has compiled some of the do’s and do not’s of Summer office fashion. Check them out.


Follow the dress code When it comes to facing the heat of Summer, comfort plays the vital role. Every other factor takes the back seat. However, sticking to the conventions is always recommended for the office look. While this season is the perfect to experiment with your style, considering the dressing code of your workplace and the company’s culture is a good idea. Improvise your style according to the work environment and you’ll be able to strike the right balance.

Relax a bit 
The sunny season allows you to relax a bit in terms of your look and styling. Shirts and decent tops are the default attire for the workplace, but Summer allows you to explore the possibilities of fashion. You can try things like lace tops and floral prints. However, make sure that you don’t hamper the subtlety of the appearance. Lighter shades for Summer is a common trend, but you can even go with the dark ones. Make sure that the color suits your personality and skin tone. Use lightweight fabric Fabric is the king, regardless of the season. Choose the right fabric and you’ll be able to explore every possibility of fashion. Cotton is undoubtedly the most accepted material for beating the heat of Summer. Even nylon, polyester and other fabric blends are an apt option for the season. Even shades like black and navy be worn with grace if the material of the clothing is airy and lightweight.

Explore the footwear options
The best thing about this season is that you have varied footwear options. While during fall, the sneakers and ballets are some of the few choices, the hot weather opens the door for many stylish choices. Avoid wearing the shoes with shows your toes in meeting, presentation and other such events. However, for the regular days at office you can put on pumps and heels, sandals and even ballets. Flip flops are the coziest option for the humid season, but avoid wearing it at your workplace. It gives a bit too laid back look and casual appearance.

Accessorize properly
It is the accessories that can help you dress to the nines without investing a lot in the attire. While the clothing should focus on the comfort factor, the ensemble that you pair with it should be style focused. You don’t have to go by the trend from the head to foot, just the piece that complements your attire. Wear eye-catchy earrings and neck pieces. Check the material of the accessories, it should not end up giving you blisters. The wristwatch or bracelets can class to your style quotient. Cap off your look with a trendy scarf. This is one of the inevitable parts of fashion these days. The handbag should speak for your personal taste. The bags of Gucci is a perfect combination of attention grabbing style and subtle sophistication. Having discussed all the things that you can do during this season, it is now time for us take a look at the things that you should avoid doing.

The Do not’s

Do not be very casual A laid back appearance is acceptable, but taking it very casually is a mistake. The office attire should have a flair of sophistication and grace. Try the head-turning styles and patterns, but make sure that you pull it off with elegance. Do not go with the rugged jeans, splashy tops and flashy accessories. Keeping it simple and edgy is the key for office fashion, regardless of the season and occasion.

Do not ditch layers 
Layers is not just for the Fall. You can even layer your outfit for the hottest afternoon of July. Choosing the right fabric is best way to pull off layers. Shrug is a common trend amongst style-conscious ladies, but you can even have lightweight cardigans. On the other hand, for formals, suits and coats are ideal.

Do not opt for very flimsy fabric Lightweight fabric is usually confused with the flimsy ones. Choose the airy materials, but do not go for a lot of skin show. Elegance is the best way to turn heads on formal occasions.

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