Blazers for a versatile wardrobe

A good blazer seems to be an indispensable piece of clothing for any versatile wardrobe. However, restricting it to only professional setting will be doing great injustice to this style staple. Blazer for women are not only versatile but can be paired with almost anything. Whether you wear it with shirts for women or with women dresses, blazers will make you look sharp and crisp instantly.
Being available in a range of styles, colours and prints, these days having a stylish and tailored blazer in your wardrobe is a must have as it can make even the most casual of outfits into something chic and pulled together. Perfect for work to weekend looks, blazer for women can be styled in a number of ways.

Most often with the rigid formal dress code, getting ready for work doesn’t leave us women with many options. But with the help of blazers, experimenting with the office look seems possible. Though having a blazer in classic black colour is important but you can always add variety to your work wardrobe with stylish blazers in different colours. A blazer in a neutral colour such as grey or white prove to be equally versatile. For instance a grey coloured blazer when worn over shirts for women make for a stylish everyday office look. However, make sure to add heels for a sharp and crisp look. Blazers are also great for layering especially with women dresses. For instance, you can wear it with long dresses and make it work for fall. Also, pairing blazer for women with a short bodycon dress will instantly glam up your look.

Wearing a printed blazer with women dresses in solid colours will add more dimension to your wardrobe. Also adding a blazer to your outfit makes for one of the easiest way for modern power dressing. Pair your shirts for women with cigarette pants, slim fitted pants etc. and layer with a blazer and brace up to rule the world.

Blazer for women is often considered masculine and layering it with dresses for women seem to be the best way to give it a feminine touch. Whether it is mini, midi or maxi- all dresses for women look great when paired with stylish blazers. However, if you want a tomboyish look, well, don’t forget the blazers. Bring your shorts and all the hot pants and team it with shirts for women. Add a blazer and well, a pair of blazers and a loose tie and you are street style ready. For a more relaxed yet chic look over the weekends, pair blazer for women with t-shirts and sneakers.
Happy Shopping !