3 Most Popular Clothing Among Indian Women

“Ethnic diversity adds richness to a society.”

By Gary Locke As rightly said in the above quote by Gary locke, the ethnic diversity of India have gifted various fashion trends for women of now and then to follow. Indian clothing has been predominately influenced by region, climate, and religion and so on. Despite the fact of increasing popularity and influence of western culture in Indian fashion Industry the women at large prefer dressing in conventional attire like salwaar kameeze and saree.

With the retail e-commerce boom with numerous online shopping websites for Indian women clothing, Indian women are now not afraid to try something different. Indian women have always opted for outfits which are bright in colour and of course very comfortable. Over the years Indian women are not hesitant to experiment to western style or fashion trends. Below are the few popular outfits among Indian women in past few years and looks like it’s not going to be outdated ever.

1) Saree and beyond
Not only me but am sure many of you would agree that saree is the most sensual yet elegant Indian women wear. With the diverse culture each region has it’s own style of wearing saree like in Bengoli style (Nine yards saree), Coorgi style, Marathi style, gujarati style and more. Each saree style represents it’s origin, region, culture and lot more. With unique and attractive designer blouse, fabric of saree and embellishments over the saree makes the modern day sarees as a runaway hit western as well as in Indian fashion shows. Saree is the most versatile Indian woman outfit. With range on varieties available both online and in designer boutiques, one can select the best pick keeping in the mind the time and the occasion of the day. Traditional accessories like Maang tikaa (forehead jewelry), Bangles (bunch of bracelets), Payal(anklets), Jhumka (Long earrings in chandelier shape) and Bindi (forehead sticker) completes the Saree look of the perfect tradional fashion clothing of an Indian women.

a) Salwaar Kameeze
The Salwar Kameez is popularly worn in north India like Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. Salwaar Kameeze – commonly known as salwaar suit, Punjabi suit in other parts of India. This particular attire has 3 parts;

a)Dupatta – longer version of a stole or a scarf, generally used to cover head/face
b)Salwaar – A hem fit bottoms of ankle length or loose trousers
c)Kameeze – A top commonly known as kurta(knee length) with work over it). It has been the most popular outfit amongst Indian working women and college studying.

2) Lehenga choli
Flaunting your mid-riff is not at all a new fashion stint for Indian women fashion industry. Having backless blouse with mid riff showing off is very much common in Indian tadional women clothing in form of Lehenga Choli. It’s daily fashion practice in rural India and now with more unique designer variation of Lehenga Choli, it’s also popular amongst urban women. Girls’ very own favourite, ‘Lehenga Choli’ is must in a Bridal trousseau of an Indian Bride. The Lehenga choli is also known as Ghaghra choli, chaniya choli in other parts of India. It’s a traditional wear for Indian states like Gujarat, madhra Pradesh, Rajasthan. This Indian women wear also consist three parts;

a) Choli – a body fitting short top showing off the mid-riff
b) Dupatta – A little longer version of salwaar kameeze dupattaa, almost of half size of saree length. It also has work at the border or at the pallu (a dupatta pleated and placed on right/left shoulder falling in front covering the Choli sideways).
c) Lehenga – It’s long pleated skirt with loads traditional embroidery and emblishments. Lehenga is also known as Ghaghara or channiya.

3) Indo-western (Mix-match of Indian and western wear)
As mentioned earlier, Indian women loves trying different outfits influencing from western fashion industry. They love creating new outfit by mix matching the traditional with western wear. The most popular indo western outfit Jodhpuri pants with embroidery shirts, Dhotti saree, Plazzo and kurtis, jeans and kurti and many more.

Author Bio: Having written for online media over 5 years, I got an opportunity write for www.fasheo.com where my writings will reflect my passion for fashion. I am a free-spirited urban Indian working woman who firmly believes that individuality creates the best fashion statement. I take pride to shop wisely and avoid impulse purchase. My favorite style icon is Kangana Ranaut and I drool over the lable ‘Falguni and Shane Peacock,’ and Aki Narula.