Best Monsoon Makeup Tips for the Ladies Who Like To Get Wet

I love monsoon, but women’s have to face many difficulties in wearing make up in this season. There are many of my friends who suggest me to write something about this issue and my readers also want to know some good tips on how they can protect their skin in the rainy season and wear makeup that do not get smudged. Monsoon does not mean that you cannot apply makeup because it will wash away. Not at all! You just need to choose the right products in the right manner.

Monsoon brings such great feeling and I enjoy it fully wearing the makeup I want. Therefore, here are few tips for the lovely women who like to go out and get wet without spoiling their beautiful lipstick and eye linear.

Makeup Tips for Monsoon 

There is nothing special you have to do just follow my tried and tested make up tips and you will be able to enjoy this beautiful season to its fullest. So let us start with cleansing which is the most important part of the makeup. Cleansing will keep your skin hydrated. After cleansing, take an ice cube and rub it on your face for at least ten to fifteen minutes. This is fun! This trick is ideal for lowering sweating because in some parts monsoon comes with lots of humidity that can spoil your make up. This trick will let your make up stay longer.

  • Do not touch that foundation at all, but if it is necessary, then get a waterproof foundation to prevent smudging. If you have any spots, then use a small amount of foundation to hide them because in monsoon, congealers are strictly prohibited and you will have to believe me on this.
  • Powder matte is perfectly great instead of glossy and creamy ones.
  • Pressed powders are also not recommended because it can make patches on your skin. I sweat a lot and I have seen its effects. Still you want to use it, and then utilize it sparingly.
  • Now comes eye shadow, which can easily melt away in case you are using creamy ones. Go for powder shadows and I would like to suggest some cool colors like beige, pinks, brown because these are easy to sustain in rain. In monsoon, you should not wear a makeup that is highly done, but a natural look is going to make you look prettier in this romantic season.
  • Excuse your cheeks from creamy, sparkle blushers as they can to create patches, and can reveal the face inside the mask.
  • Lipsticks are available in soft matte and are the most preferable ones for the women. I have most of them in matte because they look sexy. You can wear soft brown or be a pink shade with sheer gloss.
  • Try not to add kajal instead use water resistant eyeliners and mascaras.

You are all done! Pretty face is ready to get out in rain.