Most Fashionable Accessories for Your Car

With improved technology driving is not the same anymore. Vehicle manufacturers and dealers no longer competing in the factories and manufacturing stations. The vehicle aftermarket has seen tremendous growth and improvement over the last few years. This is particularly in response to the more dynamic consumer who want to be a cool. Apart from being cool these gadgets and accessories are reshaping the driving experience in ways that have not been seen before. More importantly, they are helping to reduce the number of fatal accidents and casualties on our roads. From the preceding discussion, what are some of the must have accessories in the modern car?
Enhanced Sound System
Sound systems have been around for as long as the car was manufactured. However, most of the latest sound systems have more functionalities and capabilities. The Stereo car audio head unit is definitely a must have music accessory in any modern car. The system can be upgraded or replaced as the times change. It comes complete with a clock, radio, Bluetooth capabilities and a wide range of items that improve the entertainment in your car. Assume the factory installed systems and go an extra mile to get the latest product in the market. There are a number of other brands out in the market that will not disappoint.
Fashionable Car Accessories
The Keyless Ignition
The latest series of cars are fully installed with remote ignitions. These accessories are particularly helpful during the winter season. Just a touch of a button and the car start heating while locking the doors completely to keep off thieves.
The gadget has better security systems to ensure the safety of the vehicle. The key fobs have security codes that only the owner can manipulate. Back-up parking camera Parking is no doubt a major problem. According to statistics, children are the usual victims of blind Parking. To reduce these accidents the back-up parking camera ensures drivers have a clear view of the blind spots and the parking lot. What is even interesting is the fact that these cameras can send live images of what is happening in the blind spots. The images are displayed on the dashboard as soon as the reverse gear is engaged.
Navigation System
It is only a matter of time before the navigation system becomes a legal requirement in every car. Long gone are the days when people used to carry around huge maps and getting lost every so often. With a good navigation system the driver is able to get every direction from one point to the other. One is only required to enter the start and end location.
The MPG Meter
With the rising cost of living, every person is cautious of where each and every coin goes to The MPG meter help save the amount of fuel consumption of the car. Scan Gauge II is one of the latest gadgets and most popular in monitoring and reducing fuel consumption. The scissor lift more suitable for the mechanics, but can also be handy if you wish to run a few tests on your car. You do not have to lie on your back to check your tires and the lower end of the engine. Most of these gadgets have been included in most of the book driving test today.