Know which Colours will Make you Winter-Ready?

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With the arrival of winters comes the season of colourful people and colourful world! The hues come out real bright in this chilling weather and glisten the most awaited time of the year. To celebrate the onset of winters, you need to be ready with the right coloured clothes lined up in your closet. So check the list given below and know which all shades you must be having this season:-

Family of Reds & Pinks
Colours like brick red, wine, magenta, dark rose, salmon pink etc. are steaming up this cool weather and are too much in trend. These bright colours beautifully cheer up everything around! Online pashmina salwar suits offer a great variety of such shades.

Mustard Cluster
Blasts of rich hues of burnt yellow, mustard, rust color etc. are excellent choices to rock winters. And these are even best suited for Indian skin tones. Silk is one such fabric which brings out the best of these colours when are combined with its natural lustre. So, bring online banarasi silk salwar suits home and see the shine and glam these can scatter all around!

Blue Hues
Elegant and party-ready are the rich and deep shades of blue this season! Apart from parties, these can also be used in achieving a great semi-casual and formal look whenever required. All blues including electric blue, turquoise, and indigo work amazingly well for winters. Avoid sky blue and powder blue shades as these carry more of a summery look

Play with Greys
Stop treating grey as an old school shade anymore now! Play, experiment and go for mix & match combinations of different colours with grey family to add quirkiness into your style statement. You can have an edge over others with such experiments!

Subtle ContrastsFreely go on to choose contrasting colours, but try playing it safe with the main highlighting colour which is in maximum quantity. Like you shall go for basic black with bright green shade! Online banarasi cotton salwar suits give you a perfect blend of contrasts to be worn in winters.