5 Beauty Secrets from Bollywood Celebrities

Every Bollywood celebrity has her own beauty secret which she follows with dedication. No matter they owe a beautiful gene but to maintain these beauties they follow strict diet and workout so here is secret of some of the extremely gorgeous Bollywood divas.

Priyanka Chopra- This dusky beauty is not only stealing Indian’s heart but she also spread her charm all over the world. This multi talented beauty is also associated with many skin care brands she follows regular diet and skincare schedule, large amount of water and coconut water give her glowing skin. For making her lip look attractive she applies fresh milk cream which nourish her lips, she believes Good makeup products are very much necessary to look beautiful she generally goes with Mac products and for her perfect 10 on 10 figure she never miss to hit the gym.
Aishwariya Rai Bachchan- One of the most beautiful women of the world or we can also say her a beauty with brain who is also blessed with the most beautiful eyes also avoid many things to maintain the beauty of her genetically beautiful skin, she avoids fried, junk food, smoke, alcohol despite this she prefers green veggies and healthy diet. For her face she use home remedies which are natural and have no side effects she uses a mixture of gram flour, turmeric and milk to have clean skin. For her makeup, she prefers the brands like MAC, Maybelline, Revlon and Lakme. For her fit body she practice yoga and goes for a morning walk which keep her fresh throughout the day.

Anushka Sharma – This milky beauty has natural charm and glow on her face she is blessed with white, clear and smooth skin. The thing which is very much important for this beautiful lady is sunscreen. Apart from this she is very much conscious about her hair she avoid using heat or blow dryer on her hair. For her skin she applies homecare neem pack and also drinks 2-3 liters of water per day. For her sultry body she practice yoga daily she avoids hitting gym as she believes yoga increase flexibility and keep her fresh whole day long.
Katrina Kaif- This super gorgeous and talented actress believes that drinking large amount of water right from the time she wakeup help her to look beautiful and bless her with radiating skin. As whole day shoot, makeup, work make her exhausted still she never forgets to remove her makeup before going to bed. She also uses mud packs to get healthy skin. She prefers minimal makeup and never forgets to carry her lip balm and sun moisturizer. Her fitness regime includes jogging, meditation, dancing and swimming that is what the secret of her perfect body Apart from this she eats healthy food her diet includes the food which is rich in iron, proteins and vitamins and avoids carbohydrates. She never forgets to smile which makes which add more charm to this beautiful diva.
Kareena Kapoor- This actress is heartbeat of many who manage to look graciously beautiful all time. She is style diva and attract many with her styles and beauty she thanks her genes for the glowing beautiful skin she also prefer to drink 6 glass of boiled water every day. When it comes to makeup she use the products which are chemical free she uses   Lancome face wash to cleanse the face and Clarins sunscreen. For maintaining her inverted triangle figure she don’t rely only on green veggies and proper diet but also prefer Pilates, yoga and cardio.