DIY- Butterfly Nail Art

Who does not like colorful nails with cute pictures on it? Although we all are not Picasso or Raphael, yet we do have a little artist sitting inside us who is curious about these ten little blank canvases. Nail art is a growing trend, which is not going out of fashion anywhere soon. Whether you like basic beige shades or funky pop-up shades, there is a possibility of giving them a makeover using your creativity and my DIYs.
DIY or Do It Yourself nail art is a popular trend that lets everyone follow steps and have those gorgeous nails we always wished for.
Today I will tell you about Butterfly nail art, which is not only adorable but gives your creativity a flight to the cloud nine. So, let’s get started, shall we!

nail art
Things you will need
              Lakme Color crush Shade 27
              Colorbar Pro Nail lacquer Pink Promise
              Faces Splash Royal Ruby
              Faces Enamel Ultramarine Blue 04
              Faces Enamel Aureolin 02
              Black Two way nail art pen
              White Two way nail art pen
nail polish
You can get these nail paints anywhere online or offline along with nail art pens. In case you are not getting good quality nail art pens, go for the Konad nail art pens available online. I have used these five shades, but you can go with a single color or create ombre effect for a dual shade on every nail, it all depends on your likings.
Steps for nail art
1. Remove any traces of polish or dirt from your nail and apply a good quality moisturizer on your hand. Massage your hand and nails until the moisturizer is absorbed properly. Doing this step helps protecting nails as well as keeping hands soft.
2. Apply first coat of desired polish on your nail and allow it to dry. Once the coat has dried, apply the second one. You need at least two coats for having desired color and smooth finish on the nail.
3. Make a small arc on the corner of the nail coming out from the cuticle using black nail art pen. You can see the picture for that. Do it on every nail. Once it is done, use the thin brush of the Two way nail art pen for extending lines from the arc. Imagine arc like a sun and these lines as sun rays.

4. Once you are done with it on every nail, make small arc connecting the extending lines. By far, it will look like a flower.
5. Now, using the tip of the nail art pen, fill in the area outside from the lines and arc.
6. After it has dried, use the white nail art pen to create small dots on the tip of the nail like dews. You can create small or big dots for keeping it unique and cute.
7. Apply top coat after nails have dried and voila, you have gorgeous butterfly wings on your nails!
Try this nail art or play with colors and have different types of nail art. Trust me, everyone will be mesmerized with your talent. Nail art is very easy given you can play with the colors and have no boundaries with creativity. Try it and enjoy!