Summer Trends to Bring Out Your Fashionable Side

Summers are not only about baby doll dresses and tank tops. Get experimental this season all the variety that is offered to you.

Spice Trail
This trend has you blend embroidery alongside metallic materials. Similarly, halter dresses and pencil skirts are sure bound to be a hit when you walk down the road. Exotic handworks are also extremely popular this season. It includes Indian, Moroccan and other North African influences. Handwork and plenty of diverse and vibrant colours is hot this season. In this trend, you will find patterns, prints and dye techniques to be extremely popular.
The grunge look from early 90s has made a comeback this season. Adding to it is a tinge of soft appearances on the designs. Denim has also been heavily used on these designs. In are leopard print, floral, plaid and provincial picnic trend. 
Another big thing on the scene is the provincial picnic trend which is high on nautical themes. It brings a soft twist to the forgotten sweetheart look. It incorporates themes like floral patterns, stripes and soft plaids. Vibrant and grand is the in thing this year. Hot colours this season ranges from red to banana yellow to linen white and cotton voile to minty blue.

Mod World
This design is reminiscent of the 1960s and the retro style. The only difference being that while retro focused on the shapes and patterns, the mod world look is more about the colours. It is both strong and elegant. In this design, you can experiment with patterns like geometric design, Cabana stripes, cropped pants and A-line dresses.

Safari is bound to be the next hot thing on the scene. With the number of fashion houses launching their own exclusive jungle wear collection, it is no wonder that this fashion trend is gaining ground. In this trend, you can experiment with sharp safari suits, shorts and sharp jackets.

Quirky Girly
Girly trend with a twist is what this trend about. Cat prints, jackets and socks, are all happening things in this trend. It is perfect for those who like to experiment with their fashion. The patterns include gingham checks, stripes and different types of cherries fruit prints. Inspiration from western designs like a line shirts, shirt dress, jumpsuits and ruffled dresses is evident in this trend. 

 Don’t hold back this summer and unleash your fashionable best. Go beyond baby dolls and short, tanks and get a little experimental with your choices. Jungle prints, quirky girl, exotic designs, are all hot topics this season.

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