Women skirts are fashionable, girlish and attractive, versatile and trendy piece of clothing. In summer they are comfortable and cool and in the winter since these can be worn with tights for elegant but warm attire, thereby providing women winter wear clothes. Skirts work well as smart work wear, occasion attire, party wear and casual winter wear women depending on which skirt one selects. They can easily be worn with blouses for women for a classic look that never goes out of trend. The main aspect to look good in skirts is determining the right type to suit one’s body shape. Here are some of the most popular styles of ladies skirts and how to wear them and can also buy women clothes online along with polo t-shirts for women.
Pencil or straight skirt
A pencil or straight skirt is the ultimate in chic for corporate wear. These skirts look astonishing when joined with blouses for women and also look great as part of a suit. Straight skirts can also look best as a part of gathering or off-the-cuff outfit if made from anappropriate material. The straight skirt does a best job of highlighting a curved female figure. They look stunning on ladies with an hourglass figure when teamed with a fitted top. Ladies with bigger hips and thighs should avoid this style of skirt as it will draw attention to the wider part of their body.
A line skirt
A line skirt gently flares out from the waist in an A shape. It is by far the most pleasing type of skirts for pear shaped ladies as it skims over the hips and thighs disguising them and balancing them out with its wide hem. The best length for and a line skirt is about knee length, if its length is long this type of skirt will look wrong because of the wide hem.
Full or flared skirt
Full or flared skirts can include those with gathers at the waist or circle skirts which have little or no bulk around the waist. Both have equal effect of making a skirt that flares outwards but how full the skirt looks will also be affected by the type of fabric and how much it drapes. A tauter skirt or one with a petticoat will be the fullest and most suitable for party wear. A softer more fluid fabric will provide in less volume folds. Generally for anyone who wants to look slimmer a circle skirt will be more pleasing as it does not increase bulk.
Flared hem skirt
The flared hem skirt is not as popular as the other styles of skirt described but also works beautifully for work or evening wear. It is a bit like a straight skirt just like a one piece dress, with a section at the bottom that flares out to the hem. This style also works well for balancing out larger hips and looks great on ladies with a pear shaped figure.
With plenty of skirts to choose from, women can flaunt their unique style and charm. 
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