Top 5 Expensive Women Handbags in the World


Handbags are one of the essential accessories for women these days. There are many brands available all over the world, same as top fashion trend around the world. These brands offer many options of bags made of different materials, sizes and styles to choose from. You can choose any of the brands to meet your needs and preferences, when it comes to handbags. Here is the list of five expensive bags of women available in different parts of the world. Look at the most expensive handbags for you, mentioned below:

Louis Vuitton
Of course, this brand is on the top of the list. It is based in France; this French fashion home has been the symbol of elegance and class for more than two centuries. This high-end bag brand is always observed among A-listers. The brand has many options and styles of handbags to offer that might range from Raindrop Besace to New Age Traveler and many others. This brand has the potential to meet all the needs and preferences of every woman, when it comes to taste and fashion trend.  It is the best and famous brand for latest Women Fashion.
When it comes to luxury and expensive brand labels, Prada is not a new name in this world. It is an Italian fashion house. The brand manufactures elite fashion handbags, which are attracted by most women all over the world. Other than the handbags, the brand has in the industry for other products that include perfumes, watches, footwear, clothing and jewelry.
Judith Leiber
It is other name in the world of expensive and stylish handbags. The designer belongs to Hungary. This brand is popular in making bejeweled handbags that are adorned with gems and crystals. The brand creates the precious rose bag, which is considered as its most luxury creations so far. This bag is made of 42 carats of a mixture of jewels that include tourmaline, diamonds and sapphires. Are you interested to have a sophisticated Lifestyle? Then, you might try out this brand, while shopping online.
It is one of the most costly handbags available for women in the world. The 1001 Nights Diamond purse by Mouawad is made of 18-carat gold and embedded with more than 4500 diamonds that has second ranking in the collection of this brand. It is the best designer bag available so far. It also has made its place in the Guinness World Records for being the most precious bag in the globe. This record was made in the year of 2010. You can get this most luxurious and expensive handbag, if you are capable of investing too much money.
It is another handbag, which has made its strong reputation in the fashion world. This brand was made popular by its exclusive and beautiful creation that is Carolyn Crocodile handbag. The brand provides with a wide range of different stylish and unique women handbags. Another impressive bag of this brand is the Delray, a pink bag made of leather with gold hardware. It is another famous creation from the same brand.