The New French Door Freezer Refrigerators launched by Samsung- A new way of life

Refrigerators are part and parcel of our lives. Samsung has been a pioneer in making convenient, stylish and spacious refrigerators. India has long been one of the beneficiaries of Samsung. Samsung Refrigerators price in India hugely varies from model to model. Samsung has launched an array of refrigerators recently, starting from single and double doors to side by side freezer and New French Door freezer refrigerators. Among all of these, the last one is a unique type. Agreed that the price is slightly over the top, but once you get to know the whole package, you will not regret after buying this product.
Here is a sneak peek of the types of New French Door Freezer Refrigerators along with the Samsung Refrigerators price in India:
Samsung French door RF858QALAX3
Priced at Rs. 20, 9000; this giant French door refrigerator practically carries the world within it with a total space of 900 liters. It is 4 door freezer which is ideal for storing food for a huge extended family. The entire space of the refrigerator is divided into intricate and organized shelves meant to keep all eatables separately. Starting with the topmost shelf which is undivided, it makes it easy for you to store large itineraries in one place. There are sliding as well as adjustable shelves. The freezer is located at the base. It boasts of a triple fresh cooling system with 3 evaporators and 2 compressors.
The evaporators help in maintaining the moisture quantity which keeps the vegetables and fruits fresh for longer duration. Also separate compartments will not let different smells getting all blended. So your hamburger will not have a fishy smell! A lot of energy is also saved.
Down the years, Samsung is known for its attractive colors and chic designs. The new French door freezer is also a product of fine imagination. The handles are made of durable metals, whereas the shiny black color sets it a class apart.
Samsung makers have focused intensely on the cooling abilities of this freezer. The cooling system consists of 13 internal and external sensors to keep food cool and fresh. The sensors include door sensors, internal and external temperature sensors, moisture sensors and cooler sensor. In case you are opening the doors of the refrigerators too often a day, the compressor automatically paces up to keep the inside cool. Again at night the compressor decreases its pace to maintain a balance.
Inside temperature varies widely from the freezer (around 17 degree C) to chill (1 degree C). Further Bacteria Safe Lonizer rushes the air through a sterilizing funnel with the help of a fan. In this way food remains germs free and fresh for days. Moreover, LED lights fitted on the sides and at the top of the freezer so that you can clearly hunt for your favorite items if you are not wearing specs at night!
Samsung French door Refrigerator RF67DEPN1
Yet another spectacle is launched by Samsung whose online price is around Rs.73000. It comes in a sophisticated silver finish. It has twin cooling arrangement. Different from the other model, cold air flows from various ducts at every shelf. The handles are easy to pull. It has a snazzy cafe look water dispenser. With its adequate inside temperature food remains frost free and fresh. LED lights fit the sides of the wall to make the interior look neat and clean. Compared to usual freezers which save up to 17% humidity, this New French door freezer retains up to 43% moisture so that food becomes ready to eat all the time. The box drawer is divided into an optimum number of shelves for separate storage for things like ham, butter, bread and jam.
These are the remarkable features of the New French door refrigerator. Although, out of all Samsung Refrigerators price in India, its price is a little too high but all its pros overshadow this con.
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