A Look at the Different Types of Wedding Jewellery in India

Wedding Jewellery
Wedding Jewellery in India

Have you made the final selection of your bridal jewellery? Are you still wondering which one will look more sparkling on you? Read on the article to know the different styles of bridal jewelleries that you may choose as per your liking for style, trend, design and material.

Jewellery plays a crucial role in wedding ceremonies in all the Indian states. Whether it is a Jharkhand wedding, Uttarakhand wedding, Chhattisgarh wedding or Uttar Pradesh wedding, the selection of sparkling and beautiful jewellery is crucial. Marriage is one of the most awaited occasions of your life and you would definitely want to look the most beautiful woman on this earth!

Ornaments designs in India are versatile and vary from state to state. However, there are a few designs that are always popular among all. These include Gold, Silver, Kundan, Bead, Stone, and Jadau costume jewellery. These materials can be used in different types of ornaments such as bracelets, pendants, rings, armlets, anklets, nose ring, necklace, maangtikka, and ear rings.
Let’s take a look at them:
Gold Jewellery
Gold metal for jewellery is one of the most common options available in Indian weddings. The spark of gold makes bridal charms perfect for the grand occasion like marriage. Considered as a symbol of Goddess Laxmi, gold is a popular option for bridal accessories. The pattern and designs of ornaments made from this metal differ as per the geographical regions in the country.
Silver Jewellery
In Indian weddings, silver jewellery is also preferred by brides. Ornaments such as rings, bracelets, toe rings, armlets and ear rings are worn by Indian brides to add glow to their bridal look. Several tribal and rural areas mostly prefer silver ornaments to adorn themselves as they are light weighted and less expensive than gold ornaments.
Kundan Jewellery
Ornaments studded with Kundan, an elegant gemstones is another popular option for designing bridal accessories. Kundanstudded ornaments hold significance in the history of bridal charms and has great fascination among Indian women. Available in different colours, these are considered best for complimenting with different colours of bridal costumes.
Stone Jewellery
The modern day brides are not restricting their choice of bridal ornaments to gold and silver. Jewels studded with different gem stones is a popular option among Indian brides. Not only in weddings, but gem stone jewellery is worn by women on different occasions. Diamond is one of the best stone that is widely used for designing different ornaments.
Tribal Jewellery
Tribal jewellery is specifically worn by different tribes in the state of Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Uttarakhand, etc. Each tribe mainly has a different liking for different style of jewels. Known as ethnic ornaments; tribal women wear ornaments made of clay, shell, crude metals, and wood. The earthy charm of such accessories is popular among these people.
Jadau Jewellery

Reflecting the high-skilled craftsmanship, Jadau jewellery gives a traditional look to brides. Historically, introduced by Mughals, Jadau ornaments found its rising popularity in the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Also known as engraved jewels, Jadau accessories are unique and traditional in design. In such ornaments, precious as well as semi-precious stones, beads, crystals and gems are embedded and carved in gold. Many brides who prefer to adorn a traditional look choose Jadau ornaments.

Wide a wide range of style of ornaments, Indian brides can choose light, heavy, tradition and modern designs of ornaments. The spark of these accessories adds grace to the grand celebration of your life. So, choose the best accessory and be ready to outshine others on your special day!
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