Parineeti Chopra takes The Juice (and the cake)

Parineeti Chopra takes The Juice (and the cake)
Four years in Bollywood and five movies down, with a maddening fan following and efficacious critical acclaim; she could have chosen to be complacent. But, turns out, this bubbly beauty is set to challenge her fears and conquer her weaknesses. Widen her horizons and reach new heights. Meet Parineeti Chopra. A triple honors in business, finance in banking from Manchester Business School. For her, Bollywood just happened. It was no childhood dream. No glamorous ambition. Rather, an escape from the downturn of the recession. And yet, from her very first movie, she killed it. Even when it was a supporting role in the moderate-hit, Ladies Vs. Ricky Bahl, with three other beauties sharing the glory. So what if she couldn’t kill it in Kill Dil, her acting is reputed to be oh-so-formidable. And honestly, Bollywood is in dire need of that right now.

She could have gone places being the way she was, looking the way she does because her acting skills really covers up for everything else. But, energetic as a fireball and passionate as young love, this one is not ready to settle for anything less than perfection. And that’s how The Juice happened. You are familiar with Parineeti Chopra, the cute Bollywood babe. Let me get you acquainted with The Juice cover girl, Parineeti Chopra,
in her moment of invincible fashion glory. Boy, did she look juicy.

Pretty Pari always got flak for her plump body and boring-girl-next-door fashion. In that misery, she found an opportunity and got herself kicking. Well, literally. In the form of Kalarippayattu, a form martial arts from Kerala. After one year of rigorous training, she is all set to make jaws drop and hearts skip a beat.

For The Juice, Jabong’s fashion magazine, Parineeti comes out in her new, toned, edgy avatar. Rubbing it in our face that she can be much more than the chirpy girl-next-door. While she pulled off the ‘70s-meets-oriental magic for the cover shoot, with a fringed top, a floor-length oriental print shrug and short shorts, she was going all sporty the next hour. In a cropped top shouting ‘REBEL’ and distressed mom jeans, layered with a woolen poncho, she seemed like quite a rocker. And then, there was the retro rhapsody. A tie-up cropped blouse with flared denims made her look like an endearing enigma, an exotic beauty.

With the newly-discovered strong jawline and chiseled cheekbones, which once hid safely beneath all that baby fat, that flushed out bronze skin, the disheveled hair, she seemed all set to conquer the world. From gypsy traveler to sophomoric groupie to the old-school seductress, she donned many fashion hats as The Juice cover girl. Cherry on the style cake? She embraced all these diverse fashion looks looking absolutely at ease, au naturale, divine and effortless. Ever since I lay my hands on the magazine, I have been under a spell of her awe. Have you too?