Shorts for Girls Spicing Up Fashion Today

Have you watched the Hindi movie called Break up ke Baad? You can notice Deepika Padukone sporting a tee and shorts throughout the movie. Actress Priyanka Chopra also looked great sporting denim shorts for the movie Dostana. And so as Hollywood stars in flicks like Hangover or Knight and Day. Shorts are ultimate comfort clothing for women. It can make you feel at ease during the hot summers. When you are at home running errands and call your friends for a mid-afternoon tea party a cool chic t-shirt and denim shorts or Bermuda’s will make you look great.
A cool guide to dressing up in shorts gives you an overall insight as to how you can team up the outfit in a hep style described as below:
  • Do you feel like catching up with your friends at a cool café shop or ice cream parlor to get out of the house and enjoy the sunny afternoon? Go in for a cool pair of t shirt or top and denim Bermudas. You can go in for mini shorts or 3/4ths depending on your comfort zone.
  • Do you want to go de-glam and indulge in hard core gardening? Nothing can match up the convenience of wearing a yellow or orange tees and pair of boxer shorts. Even the plants will be smiling at you all the way to glory.
  • If you feel like getting yourself cuddled up with a story book in your bedroom go in for a pair of cotton shorts and layer it up with a camisole on top. You will feel the awesome.
  • How about getting you drenched in the rains? Elders might ask you to stay indoors but you want to feel the drops of water poured all over you like a shower, take the excitement with a spirit. Go overboard with shorts and turtleneck tees. Turtle neck tees helps in keeping you warm and you can enjoy the rains to your heart’s content.
  • Floral tops and 3/4ths cotton Bermudas are a great pick in case you host garden parties or your friend has called you for a high tea party. But see to it the designer tops don’t look too flashy. Also you don’t need heavy make-up or glitter jewelry while wearing shorts. It will make you look awkward. Shorts and tees require no make-up. Or Rather you can go in for natural and nude shades of lip stick and eyeliners need to be applied as one stroke. You can go in for eye shadows on a low key.
Cool and spunky shorts are available in plenty both in the online and offline market. Shorts for girls are a value for money shopping experience. You can check online for some nice varieties. You need to layer it up with attractive tees and tops. In case the top is too long that it covers the shorts then there is no point wearing the outfit? The tees should not be too short either. You need to strike a delicate balance between the two.
About the author:
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