Scarf Color Picker – How to Pick One for the Day

Hello Scarf-lovers! You have been flaunting your stylish scarves and enjoying the compliments on your look, isn’t it? Now gear up for some stylish color tips for donning your pretty scarves. Not every color gives you that particular boost you need for the day. Some days are black and white days; some are neon days and some pastel days, right? How to find out that perfect scarf color for that particular day? Not too difficult! Read on for some cues for picking out your scarf color for the day.
Rainy day
A typical rainy day has so many grays and blues; you wouldn’t want to blend in the surroundings, do you? Of course, it’s time for some neon’s! Lime scarf, hot bubblegum pink, fluorescent yellows and tangerines spell fun for me! Go for a plain outfit and minimal or no accessories apart from that pretty scarf you have on you and run into some great downpour of compliments on yourself. It can also match the color of your umbrella! Just look for something fun and flirty, and you are done. Something in chiffon is a good idea as there’s a chance of getting drenched and chiffons dry out like a dream!
Sunny day
On a hot summery day, all you crave for is a cool drink and some draught. Team up your pristine whites for that summer day with a light pastel blue or baby pink or pistachio green hand-woven scarf and add to your glow! Blues and light grays and turquoise also look soothing along with nice cappuccino or tan colored ones. Pick out something in a flowing and light fabric with huge pores for letting the skin breathe. Even light floral prints look lovely.
Fall days
When so much of color is already around you, why not take inspiration? Don something in bright yellows and reds to match the dried leaves around you, but be careful of what you wear underneath the scarf. Sleek pants, nicely cut blazers or jackets with that perfect scarf look so hot! Go for something fancy, like with feathers or sequins to glam up the drab autumn days. Also, it needs to be slightly guff, as the autumn evenings can get chilly. Let the scarf come to your rescue if you are late from work on a cool autumn night.
Winter days
Winter is so much a scarf season! Go for something in a flashy look but must be woolen or similar; you need your warmth alongside of looking stunning! Get something to compliment your winter wear and it looks really smart if you go for neutral earthy shades. Well, it isn’t a crime if you have a tinge of green or electric blue somewhere, but steer clear of color block scarves in clashing shades to avoid looking like a bubblegum candy. Go for subtle with a hint of something hot. Too cute!
Why not pick a scarf a day based on what your mood is that day? That’s a nice way to express oneself. Also, for more ideas and textures and a stash full of colors, check
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