Some Must Have Dresses in a Women’s Wardrobe

A dress is a must have in the wardrobe of a woman and a few types of dresses suitable for different occasions will make you a well dressed person. You may be a type who likes to be dressed always in jeans but dresses are required for occasions that you may not count for.

For e.g. on a date with someone special, your pair of jeans will not do. Maybe you have a church event or a party that requires you to be in a dress. Or maybe you have just landed that plum job that requires you to be more dressy than the usual pair of pants. For such reasons and more, there are certain dresses which every woman must own.
The Little Black Dress is the most vital of all dresses. A black dress which is the perfect size for your height, is up to date with current fashion and fits you well is the number one dress for your wardrobe. It is really versatile and can be worn to funerals, parties, community events and even weddings.  You can style it in different ways- with colorful jewelry or a brightly colored cardigan or a pair of high heels. You can even pair it with dressy flats if your dress is knee length.
The casual white dress
 White dresses are eternally popular. One can wear it out to a beach and flaunt your tan. Also, you will look good in summer photographs, daintily dressed in white. It can be used to dress up or down. Those embellished with lace will also look good.
The perfect date dress
Keep one dress ready in your wardrobe ready for a date night. It needs to be a dress you are totally comfortable wearing and that which complements your complexion and makes you feel like a million bucks. It need not be expensive though and must be suitable to pair with high heels or flats depending on the atmosphere of your date. Example is Fuchsia dress, sleeveless on one side and knee length. Another example is an electric blue dress with a classic low back line.
The perfect interview dress
When you go for an interview, you must dress with more care than your usual routine dress for the office. Typically, it must not be too loud, never hit above the knee, avoid low cut and cleavage show and not show too much skin of your arms. The idea is to be stylish and elegant without too much skin show.
The wedding guest dress
Every girl must have a dress to save for wearing at weddings. This is the occasion where you might meet someone special. You also owe it to the bride to look elegant and dressed up on her special day. Maxi dresses forwomen will also fit this occasion.
Social event dress
 May be you are attending a social event like a fund raiser or community charity event. Save a dress for these occasions. The idea again is to look conservative but stylish. The LBD will also suffice for this type of occasion.
The party dress
Every girl must own a party dress that makes her feel adventurous, young and fun. Keep the style fashionable and the colors bright and vibrant.
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