Enhance your Fashion and Style Quotient with Corset

“To put on a corset properly is as much of an art as to make a corset properly.” (Anna Held)
The word corset always makes me remember Victorian movies and wild westerns. But it is not only in Victorian movies that we see corsets. Now a day there are many designers who focus their styles and designs on corsets. Believe it or not, somewhere down the line, every woman loves the feel of the corset. The tautness of the waist, the smooth and flat stomach, and a much wanted bust line are some of the things that a woman wouldn’t mind flaunting from time to time.
But it is not only the corset that has become famous in the recent times. Women’s corset tops are also being picked by many like hot property. Yes, you will look fabulous in them but it is very tricky to pair corset tops. The basic mantra of wearing a corset top is to know the correct way of pairing it. Know the different tips and tricks of pairing a corset top.
The blouse technique: Well, we have enough blouses in our closet that can look a bit odd to wear alone. Pick one of them and you’re your corset top on top of it. The corset top will give you a much needed form and style that you were lacking before. Plus, this will also make you look a little slimmer than before. Moreover, this will raise your bust line a little giving you a perfect formed body.
P for pants, P for perfect: One of the most loved styles for corset tops is pairing it with pants or jeans. A slim fitting pant or jeans will go perfectly with a corset top. Grounding the look a bit more, pants will give you a cowgirl look. But here I need to mention a small word of caution. Just make sure that your corset top is extending a bit beyond your waistline and overlapping the pant’s waistline.
The long skirt elegance: Ah! One of the most beautiful styles of wearing a corset tops. The flair and elegance of the calf length skirt will bring out the lady in you. Tuck in your corset top in the skirts waistline and then let the rest of your body do the talking.
The high waist trick: Well, when I was trying my first corset top, I bought high waist skin tight shorts on the impulse. After buying it I had my regrets (obviously). I was mulling over to fact as to what I should do with the shorts, when on the impulse (nerve racking) I tried it with the corset. And bingo! It just looked fabulous. Not only did it provide my waist the form and shape but the shorts cinched my thighs a lot. I simply loved it.
So, you see how the correct pairings can help you get a fashionable and glamorous look. Believe it or not, I have always believed that fashion is all about experimenting and style is all about your attitude. A proportionate blend of both will definitely cook a delightful broth.
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