Fashion Trends Of 2014

For those looking for fashion trends this year, this article will help them discover new fashion to put on and appear classy, in style, and sexy. Below are the best fashion trends of 2014 that are bound to keep people in style:
Full Skirts
The vintage style has currently taken over the fashion industry. These skirts are amongst the trendiest of women wear this year since they are elegant and feminine. Many love these skirts since they can be worn for work, semi-formal and casual events. To get a perfect look, the ideal height for these skirts is from knee to slightly above the ankle. For those who want to look more girly and playful, there are those that are above knee and can look great on every woman.  It’s elegant and sexy.
Pencil Skirts
These skirts are also quit hip this year. They are super sleek and can make an individual look thinner and taller. Mid ankle length is ideal but for those who love short skirts they can always choose the ones that are above the knee. The good thing about these skirts is that one can get a high waist skirt.
Elegant Blouses
Anyone can now forget about those baggy tops that were trending some years back. Currently, it is all about feminine, grace, and elegance. The materials are currently light and breathable making these blouses super comfy and elegant. These blouses come in numerous colors to meet every woman’s taste and preference. One can go for the models with long or short sleeves, or even sleeveless ones. There are trendy necktie blouses that are great for every day wear while those ones with asymmetric cuts are the ones ideal for casual outings.
Classy Suits
For those who wish to look super hip when going shopping or going to work, they can consider a suit made of pants or skirts, with an elegant for-fitting jacket. The suit can either be casual or classy style, the important thing here is to ensure that the top and the bottom perfectly match.
Sporty Outfits
This is one of the best 2014 fashion trends. Tennis inspired skirts, dresses, and tops are total hits this year. You can get a perfect combination of classy, sexy, and elegant. The white rules the scene here while black, blue, and green are reserved for geometric and edges decorative motifs. To look great, one can pair this outfit with casual sandals and a varsity jacket. You can even wear stilettoes with it.
Stripped Trousers
These are sophisticated sporty tailored trousers that can go with every outfit in style. In fact, one can wear them even with a casual top with the right pair of heels. The best thing about them is that they can be worn just anywhere.
Collarless Coats
This coat comes in style. Solid, neutral, or patterned and one can complement it with a simple outfit look great. One can wear these coats when going to the office or even night dates.
Boxy Cropped Jackets
These jackets can be worn from the spring, all the way to the fall. One can wear these jackets with any outfit with a solid or printed boxy. This jackets rocks. They can go with Jeans, Straight legged pant, Flares, Prom dresses, Skirts.
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