It is truly said that god could not be everywhere so he made mothers.
There are always some special people in the life of everyone to whom they describe as their angels, loved ones, their life or even their reason to live but there is one relation between all these relations which is the biggest, most important and the most trust able relation of all and that is your relation with your mother.
Friends come in your life like wind, they give you sweet memories like pleasant breeze and then pass away. You can have bad time when you can get so hurt that you can’t even trust your own shadow but at that time also there is one person, your mother, to whom you can trust. Mothers are like the candles which burn themselves to provide you the ray of hope and the light of guidance which helps you to achieve whatever you want in your life. Without mother one can be said to be a body without soul. Every mother have one that she could provide her child the best of everything and for this she dedicates her whole life and do whatever she can do to make her child’s life better.
Mother’s do everything for us but in return of that she never asks for something. She never even thoughts of taking anything from her child, the only thing she knows is giving everything. The most precious thing in the life of a mother can be defined in one word and that word is “love”. Yes, a mother never asks for any kind of thing, she gets the best gift of her life when her child shows love and strong bonding with her.
It really becomes our duty to give as much joyful or happy moments as we can to our mother so that she can feel accomplished in getting her biggest goal and that is giving her child the best life.
The day which we can get the full opportunity of giving joyful moments to or mother is known as the mother’s day.
Mother’s day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May in many countries. It was by the campaign efforts Of Anna Jarvis that second Sunday of May was officially recognized as the Mother’s day. And with this great chance provided to us by the efforts of Anna Jarvis we can really try to do a lot for our mother.
So, you must be thinking that it is a great idea to wish your mother a Happy Mother’s Day and do something special for her to show her your gratitude but most of you will be confused that what to do.
So, here is a list of things that you can to make Mother’s day the special day for your mother.
  • You can buy a Mother’s day greeting for your mother and it is even better if you make one yourself as efforts are more worth than money.
  • You can make breakfast, lunch, dinner or any meal for your mother to show your love and thankfulness to her. You can prepare toasts, juice and cakes as they can be much easier to make.
  • You can prepare a poem and recite it to her and it is the better of all the options and it works every time and is the best gift.
  • You can even organize a Mother’s day party with the help of your family members and brother and sisters.
So, as you have got some ideas from here, it is your turn to make this Mother’s Daythe best day of your mother and give her all the joy and happiness that she deserves.
Happy Mother’s Day!!
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