Long versus Short

Read this article to know what length looks best on you. Rate yourself and get ready to be different. The trend of playing blind is no more appreciated.
Yes I know it’s really hard to formulate, what to choose and which way to go when your special event is nearing fast. To be very honest, what I’ve observed as a fashion blogger, it’s a two way roads these days. You wouldn’t find me wrong if you traipse around the shops and will find out a cold emergence of short shirts again. Clothing outlets and fashion designers are working both ways; it’s just the matter of choice! It is somewhat justified that whatever looks best on you, either long or short, be the queen and move on.
During this phase of transition, designers are figuring out that long style has taken too long to fade out and it’s still not ready to let go the ramp. This is why they are thoughtfully trying to drag in different styles let the people decide and let them have options to choose from. But what I would recommend you as a common person, see what fits best at you. Do not let your conscious be in confusion.  Below are the five tips to know what looks best on you:
Select the Design: The first and the foremost thing is to select for what you are looking for. You need to identify your choice and focus on it. If you are thinking to wear something that is typically eastern, you can select from Angharka, Ghagra Choli and Long Shirt with shararas, Shalwar Kameez etc. And if you are thinking to wear a good fusion, you can go for Jumpsuit and a Gown, Capes with Plazzos etc. All you need is to make up your mind and proceed accordingly.
Realize your Individuality: Forget about what’s in for the season; look for something that looks best on you. You can’t overlook your personality while preparing a dress. You need to keep your profession and your personality traits in front. I might sound different, but this is how it is. If you have graceful outlook and you are known for grace, you can’t go for florescent colors. It will look odd. What best you can do is, go for a nice color combination, intricately done embroideries and see what length looks elegant on you, short or long. Try both and be your best judge!
Consider your Height: If I’m talking about long dresses vs short shirts, I would advise you to consider your height and weight for sure. If your height is beyond normal high, think twice for long shirts. Long flowy shirts encourage your height and it makes you look taller. If you are already taller amongst your friends and family, you must rethink before going for very long gowns. A relatively short length would keep you in balance. If you are bulk and you want to cover up your excess body folds, long gowns are the perfect fit.
Keep your Partner Along: If you have coupled up with someone, you can’t go alone with the decision. You must consider your partners choice, his or her dress color and his choice. Or else he or she might not feel comfortable walking with you. Therefore, to be the couple of eyes, you must respect eachother’s choices & tastes and work as a team.
Check your Body Posture: There are quite a number of women who loves wearing short tucked shirts, regardless of their body weight, folds and posture. If you have folds, avoid short tucked shirts and if you have a sexy look, go for long gowns with light airy fabric.
The above mentioned key points are to identify that trend comes after your personal glimpse. You must follow recent trends and fashion flairs, keeping your personality at front.
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