5 Jewellery Do’s and Don’ts for Job Interviews


While going for a job interview, both men and women seem to make endless efforts on the non-verbal communication aspects such as the way of dressing and jewelry accessorized with the outfit. Studies and research suggest that this form of non-verbal communication has a huge impact on the interview and its results. Men tend to get away with fewer instructions as the list is limited only to the colour combination of tye, shirts, belts and shoes. At most, men have to worry about the print of the shirt or the kind of cuffs put up. Women on the other hand, have a lot to look into. From the type of dress its colour, print to the type of hand bag, shoes and jewelry that is carried off; women have to be well coordinated on all these standards. For the confusion of too much or too less of Jewelry, the following do’s and Don’ts of the interview should be kept in mind.

Don’t go for sound producing bangles-
Bangles that make noise or are loud in any way should be avoided by all means during an interview. Not only does the sound produced irritate the interviewers, it causes disturbance and possess an unprofessional attitude of the interviewee. Such bangles and accessories are big no for women who need positive feedback from employers rather than ‘We will call you our self’ answers.
Do wear simple wrist watch-
Instead of going for loud bangles, it is way better and wiser to opt for a simple on band or chain wrist watch which does not make a loud statement. Wrist watches look more professional and help in keeping up with the pace and staying more organized. It is not necessary to wear really expensive brands to form an impression on the employer, simpler version makes stronger statements.
Don’t go for large or hooped earrings-
While dressing up for an interview, the dangling earrings that are large enough to be called hoops or are studded with stones and make a statement should be avoided as much as possible. The distraction caused by these earrings is negative. Employers need to feel commitment and sincerity from the interviewee rather than a fashion parade going up to work.
 Do wear small studs-
Loop earrings are straight off no’s, instead small studs with one stone or no stone are better versions to keep the feminine side alive and yet not make exaggerated statements that disturb employers. Small studs are available at many jewellery outlets that cater to the need of professional jewellery such as Wendy Nichol jewelry.
Don’t go for large necklaces that overlap shirt collars-
Usually women who dress up with collar shirts and skirts below wear necklaces that are long enough to reach the bust. It is not at all advisable to wear any sort of necklace that overlaps the shirt neckline. It looks messy and gives a bad overall appearance to the outfit.
Do wear simple, small necklaces with small pendants-
Accessorizing with small pendants and wearing short length chains with it look decent and complement the formal attire worn during interview sessions. Complementing the studs or rings chosen for the interview also looks classy and simple yet an elegant statement can be formed easily. The kind of jewelry that is preferred for neck wear though is minimal; if there are studs worn it is not necessary to wear anything in the neckline. Whatever the combination may be, one should bear in mind the look has to be minimalist with the right attitude and confidence to top off any interview session.