A Prefect Guide to Shaping Your Nails to Beauty and Strength

Nails can be shaped into square, oval, round and any other shape that you want them to look like. All you need is the right file and adequate length. Some of the nail shapes though are known to weaken the nails while some others strengthen them. So choose the nail shape that compliments your finger nail shape while strengthening them.
Here’s our guide to the most common nail shapes and how you can get them.

Oval Nails
Oval shaped nails are got by filing the edge of the nail into an oval shape, not too rounded, not too square. The oval shape is the most preferred as it makes the nails look beautiful. They are suitable for people with longer fingers although they look good on almost anyone. The downside of these kinds of nails though is that they tend to make your nails weak.
Square Nails
Square nails can be achieved by letting your nails grow to the length that you want them to and then filing the top edge and the sides at right angles to each other and in a perfectly linear manner. These nails are not much preferred unless you want to get nail art done on them. They look good on people with fat fingernails. Shaping your nails into a square shape is very good for them as it is known to strengthen the nails.
Squoval Nails
These nails are a combination of the square and the oval shapes. The angles of the edges are shaped ovally where as the tips of the nails are filed into a square or a linear shape. These nails look good in this shape. Squaval nails are also known to strengthen the nails. They also make artificial nail enhancers look good on your nails. Hence a lot of people prefer getting the squoval shape for their nails.
Round Nails
Rounded nails are got by letting your nails grow and shaping the tips into perfect semicircles such that they are rounded. The rounded shape is easier to get if you are keeping your nails short. People who like to have longer nails should have very wide fingernails to get their tips perfectly rounded, as, if the nails are thin they tend to look oval rather than rounded. The round shape is good for keeping your nails strong.
Almond Shaped Nails
Almond shaped nails can be got by filing your nails such that the tip is slightly pointed. The sides of the nails are filed such that they make the nail look conical. This is the most highly preferred nail shape and makes any king of nails look very good. Since the tip is thin, the nails weaken if you keep them in this shape for longer.
Pointed Nails
To make your nails look pointed, they are shaped in a way that the edges are filed to an entirely pointy tip making your nails look triangular. The pointy look although is easy to get is much less preferred as it makes the nails very weak with the sides that support the nails almost entirely filed away. It gives your nails a very saucy look and is good when you paint your nails with bolder colors like red or black. It is unsuitable for nail art though as the shape makes it very difficult to get nail art done on the nails.
Straight Sides with an Oval Tip
The sides of the nails are filed such that they are straight and the tip is slightly oval. This kind of nail art gives strength to the nails while making the nails look good. It is mostly suited for thin nails as it makes nails look longer and wider. It is easier to get nail art done on these kinds of nails as the nails have a wide but beautiful shape.
Straight Nails with Rounded Tips
This shape of nails can be got by first shaping your nails to the square shape and then filing the edges such that they look rounded. This shape makes your nails look good when compared to straight nails while strengthening them. It is more suited for people with longer fingernails.
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