Health and Fitness Tips to Follow While Traveling

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure it is absolutely necessary to ensure that you observe what you eat, since you are away from your local town and the chances are high that you might be on a very tight schedule. This makes it very easy to be tempted and eat fast food and other unhealthy foods. Below find Health & Fitness tips to Follow While Travelling
Eat Healthy foods
Always ensure that you eat healthy food that contains all the essential nutrients and mineral salts. The food should contain proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates in the right proportions. Ensure that you maximize on the intake of fruits and vegetables as well as other high fibre contents foods. Some of the food items that you should avoid include
-Potato chips -Pizza
-Grilled meat
Whilst the intake of the aforementioned food is discouraged, it is not prohibited. You can eat the food once in a while. But it is highly recommended that you should avoid food that is deep fried since it contains high calorie levels that contribute to adding weight in a short period of time. Eat small food portions five or six times in a day as opposed to skipping meals and eating a huge portion at once. Eating healthy is very important and ensures that you remain within the acceptable fitness levels.
Exercise on a regular basis
While in the foreign land, ensure that you exercise on a regular basis. It is a good practice to check with the hotel if they have a gym before you book. A gym facility in the hotel where you are staying is very useful and be used to exercise on a regular basis. Other recommended exercise include
-Swimming -Jogging
Before your travel ensure that you pack all the clothes and should you need while exercising. It the hotel you booked does not have a gym, you might consider visiting a gym in the neighborhood. There are plenty of exercises that you can try out that do not require any equipment such a squats, push-ups and stair climbs among others.
Stay hydrated
Drink a lot of water, always drink about eight glasses of water, this will keep you healthy and flush out any toxins in your body. Water is essential for the optimal performance of all the body organs
Use tools to monitor your health status
The internet hosts a wide variety of tool and apps that can help you monitor your health status. Most of the smart phones contains a wide array of free apps that are useful in checking out various aspects of your health. Such tools are very helpful while you are travelling. Examples of such tools include;
-TRX tool
-BMI apps
Some apps can help you locate restaurants that sell healthy foods regardless of your location.
Use airport time wisely some airports have gym facilities
It is a good practice to exercise while waiting for your flight instead of visiting a restaurant and eat more junk food. Examples of airports with such facilities include Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.
Substitute food items
Ensure that you substitute food items such as French flies with French beans and other fruits and vegetables, this will ensure that you are in good shape.
Take photos
Take photos on a regular basis, say weekly on a weekly basis and check out if you have added extra weight. This will help you to stay in good shape and may trigger you to eat healthy foods and visit a gym.
Book a local exclusion that requires activities
Check out your local tourist attractions and book activities that require walking or running among other physical exercises, this will help you to stay in shape and in control of your weight.
Research before booking for a hotel
Choose a hotel that offers gym facilities as well as other health and fitness facilities that will contribute to your wellbeing. Some hotels offer such facilities free of charge while others offer these services for a small fee, so do your research and choose a hotel that fits your health and fitness goals.
Before you travel, ensure that you get travel authorization from the ESTAwebsite. This portal contains useful information that will help you to determine your travel eligibility to the USA among other details.